Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What a drag!

A window of opportunity arose in the Smallwood household, a Twilight Zone, a down time when everyone is absorbed in their own little world. This is the time when I can disappear for an hour and sometimes they don't even know I have gone.

So Monkey Feet on and just a pair of shorts and a shirt ( I am still using Injinji liners due to the sore toe) I went for a cheeky little run but soon found myself dragging my sorry arse up the first hill...this did not bode well showing I haven't quite recovered. I used this as an excuse to drop by my barefoot pal, Duncan, to catch up on some news and then left feeling a bit better about myself such I changed my plans and decided to get in to the local woods and enjoy the shade of the trees.

Phew, I felt better now and in the shade began to enjoy my run and felt as though I was no longer dragging myself around. What was very noticeable in the woods today was the overpowering scent of garlic which grows in large patches at various parts of the wood but today it was almost heady, all invading.

Back home I have come to realise that I am being sensible and should keep it that way until my legs and body catch up which should be a few more days so will keep the mileage down to hobby running levels for the time being.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing you, I'm sorry it was so brief!

  2. Patience is always the answer but keeping it shorter and easier for a while can be very pleasant.

  3. Nothing but nothing beats the smell of running through trail and the wafts of wild garlic in early summer.