Saturday, 13 July 2013

17 miles, 2 feet

The plan was to run from Petts Wood to Tower Bridge, an approximate distance of 14 miles (22 km) via Greenwich and a section of the Thames Path. However I had agreed to meet my chatty and fun loving running mate, Liz, some 3 miles from my house for 7.00am but as I stepped from my door with two bottles of water and my ever trusted Monkey Feet at 6.30am I was relieved it was still reasonably cool.

Taking a gentle jog along the road my mind soon chaged when I entered the woods to find the micro-climate was horrifically humid such that I was soon dripping in sweat and looking forward to getting out onto the road. 

After tagging up with Liz I assured her that I was sticking to plan and told her the route promising her there were to be no detours apart from an experimental route through to Blackheath and Greenwich Park. The miles whizzed by as we discussed plans  of our upcoming events (Liz is doing a 24 hour circuit race) our tactics and expectations kept close to our respective chests. Our pace was near perfect, our heart rates down and the foot strike gentle and unlaboured. 

We stopped off at Greenwich Royal Observatory for a few silly picture opportunities (see above) and some silliness when we thought up a few more ,adult only, pictures but chose not too as they were very silly.

Then it was down to the Thames Path for a very solid run along the banks of the Thames an incredibly historic area of London with cannons, anchors, ancient walls and moorings all good stuff to keep the conversation flowing...then the thought of an ice cold drink and a coffee in London changed our focus.

In all a lovely run one which we both agreed was brilliant training by firstly boosting our confidence and secondly because it was such an unexpectedly tranquil one right nxt to the hustle and bustle of central London

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  1. It really was an awesome run, very enjoyable now rest that Achilles!