Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Animal trails and nettle patches

At the club tonight there was a massive turn out and after a few administrative announcements the groups were called; I had all the intentions of going into a "short and slow" as I have had a lot of tightness in my hips. However, Charlotte stepped to the fore and said " Not sure where we are going and I haven't got a Garmin" so without thinking I piped up "I'll go with you Charlotte" and she announced we were going on a trail run!

So we were off and as we had loads of day light I planned to get to a section on woods which are not often trod by my club as not many members live in that locale which gave me an open book to get there so took the pack on a "fun" run along animal trails and some cute cut throughs my mate Bhundu and I have discovered (and made) through our many runs in the local woods. It was great to hear the pack laughing and shouting out if I knew where I was going but loved their response when we popped out at the road for them to know exactly where we were.

Back on the trails away from the roads I love to hear people say that they have no clue where they are and totally trust you, they themselves almost craving the opportunity to see some greenery and a beautiful sunset. Screams of joy as we negotiated armpit high stinging nettles and no grumbles when we took a "Jezza Detour" to show an "interesting local feature"

Then a regroup to plan the route back as a group and then to the club house by way of a few more nettles and the odd mud patch here and there.

A successful pack run, all safe and well but probably a little sore from the nettles. No Monkey Feet for me tonight as I want to settle the hips and quads out

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