Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Flash Mob

Imagine the scene.

Fred the dog walker has had a hard day in his hot, stuffy office and all he can think is a lovely relaxing walk with Yorkie his dog. Even that moment when he can sit in the park on his favourite shaded seat overlooking the trees in the distance as the large, orange hazy sun sets towards the west as it hovers lazily over the trees.


Just down the road...

Here we are, one big running pack, eighty strong all hot, sweaty and warming up for a Parlauf training session comprising 600 metres circuits. I had already been for my pre-Club run and was not sure if I really wanted to do it, especially in the current heatwave

"Right, chuck you bottles down here and break out into group 1 and group 2.....GROUP 2 OVER HERE BY THIS BENCH" Our coach yelled to the pack

Yes, Dear Reader, the bench that Fred the dog walker was sitting at watching the sun go down, his moment of tranquility burst like a kid's balloon as 80 runners proceeded to sprint around the park, his moment destroyed poor bloke

1 comment:

  1. It was lovely through the woods, you couldn't see a Petts(wood) runner through the trees ;-)

    Hope you had fun, I just really wasn't int he right mind for that! Missed you at the wine bar though ;-)