Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Initialism and new races

  1. An abbreviation consisting of initial letters pronounced separately (e.g., CPU).
Have you noticed in recent times that nearly every race has been initialised, the classic examples are from my blog: TP100, GUCR or L2B

This, I suspect is because it fits well with social media and people can tag them, follow the runs on Twitter or simply because it rolls of the tongue and easier to type.

AYOT50 *
So there I was chatting to my running buddy Gemma about race plans and she mentions the AYOT50 and my head goes into a spin "What the hell does that stand for?" I gasp and then go hunting for it and find it on my the Centurion website:

The Ayot 50 mile/10hr is a timed event taking place Saturday 31st August 2013 on the Ayot Greenway, the site of the old railway line. This is a flat and fast trail route with no road crossings. Race winner will be the first person to pass 11 laps (50 miles), but anyone recording over 27 miles (6 laps) covered will have their result listed. The course will be held open for 10 hours in total

WOW this was the event for me and within moments the email was sent  and it is now confirmed that I am entered into this "Entry is at your own risk." race

 * Ayot St Peters

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    1. Would love to join but Sister in law is getting married that weekend. What else are you up to?