Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Monkey Nerd

This evening my youngest daughter and I decided to explore our inner nerd and attended the Royal Society in London for an evening of blowing up marshmallows, creating mini tornadoes, to learn how to stick skewers through balloons without popping them, shown how to see a fanny in everything, cured gonorrhea with flower power and melted icebergs in Antarctica.

Yes, an evening of fun science, comedians and mayhem everything for a curious young (and old) mind to take inspiration from...we loved it.

"But what has this got to do with running Jezza?" I hear you ask Dear Reader.

Well Dear Reader, between the self-propelled fuelless submarine and the camera carrying insect we spied two exercise cycles attached to computers and a pair of running shoes and a Professor type with long hair. The trick with these events is to stand still, stare at the display and shake your head...you are immediately approached by said representative academic who is desperate to tell you about their specialism. My daughter raised her eyebrows to the heavens when the "Prof" and I engaged in the "Academic expert" and the "Practical expert" about the pro's and cons of his specialist shoe and when he heard me say "Well, why are you reinventing nature? What is wrong with using what you have got, a foot arch and an Achilles tendon?" that got him going, I was taken to the rear of the stand and a pair of prototype running shoes were pulled out "What size are you?", I replied "An 8". "These should be about a 9, have a go"

Trying the shoes on I was immediately met by this bouncy bounce mattress as the springs took control, incredible stuff...."Bit soft aren't they?" We looked at each other and smiled....I remembered he was an academic not a shoes salesmen and then we had a great 5 minutes of discussing the military application of such a technology that apparently reduces the bone shock by 10% and excellent for a load bearing frame.

We left his stand to discover nano tubes and watch the moons Saturn

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