Friday, 26 July 2013

Monkey Pacer

I am looking forward to tomorrow as I will be helping out as the 50 minute pacer at a 10km race to be held in Greenwich Park, London. As I am desperate to get some long runs in I have a cunning to the race!

I am however planning to run the race in my Monkey Feet as I do not fancy doing the whole 20 miles in them deferring to my trusty trail shoes to get me there and back. It promises to be warm tomorrow so I am taking my Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 race vest and with my carabina and built-in loops have attached my Monkey Feet to the back of it.

It is a hilly course tomorrow around the scenic Greenwich Park over looking some famous British Naval history in the form of the newly refurbished Cutty Sark, academy and the Royal Observatory.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your race today. Here a relaxing swim in open sea with a couple of friends. Have a good week end.