Saturday, 6 July 2013

Not the best week's training

Training has not been good this week due to various reasons:
  1. Hip flexors became very tight causing my posture to change (I looked like I was walking like a duck) and in doing so caused my quads to tighten up.
  2. The toe I stubbed began to grumble
  3. The big toenail on my left foot is lifting off but at the same time the inner side is ingrowing 
  4. The weather is unbearably hot and humid 
  5. The blind runner rang me and is no longer running the local 10km 
The whole lot has conspired against me and with it my mileage has dropped and I am in desperate need to get the long runs in and built upon. So it is an early start for me tomorrow and out for a road/trail run of undetermined distance but hopefully about 26km but we are more interested in getting it done in the cooler part of the day. Race Vest packed with extra water and a little money to fill up if necessary.

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