Monday, 8 July 2013

Pleasant surprise

The mini heatwave continues over England and the problem with us Brits is they normally come quickly such that we do not  acclimatise. 

After a sweltering day in the office and a sweaty ride on  the train I took the hot walk to my home when I met my neighbour and fellow club mate, Rob, who looked equally bothered by the heat. "I am meeting my mate at the end of the road in 20 minutes for a run, do you want to come along?" he asked and to my surprise I agreed.

Stepping through the door I grabbed by shorts, yanked an old running vest out of the draw and put on my Monkey Feet meeting him outside his front door. 

Nine very hot miles later I returned home after a very gentle paced trail run through the shaded paths of the local woods and nature reserve. Something so refreshing about an unplanned run.

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