Thursday, 4 July 2013

Putting a bit back

Had a nice surprise tonight, I just happened to log onto Facebook and saw that Ray, a member of my secondary club, had asked for some assistance. He is using his skills and expertise to organise a low key 10km race for charity in my local area which is hard work at the best of time. It transpires he received an email from a visually impaired lady who was looking for a Guide Runner to assist her.

After a quick think about weekend logistics ( news to follow) I jumped at the chance and await an email from the lady so we can make arrangements to meet. It looks to be a reasonably challenging course, mainly road with a section of trail to negotiate twice....I am really looking forward to it.


  1. That is awesome! Back in the 1990's I was a regular guide runner for two blind runners. Went up to marathon distance with them. Hard work but so rewarding.

  2. Top man. See you on Sunday


  3. That is great, enjoy the race.
    Waiting for the report.