Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Things you do not want to hear

It is sufficiently long enough after the event not for the characters to be identified in this story and that shall remain unless they identify themselves.

Things you do not want to hear whilst on a run

Picture the run, we are at about mile 10 of a 12 mile run, it is warm and the terrain tough. The pack has worked up a sweat and the pub is calling

Runner 1: "Phew it is hot"
Me: "Yes, but a great run"
Runner 1: "Here Jez, I've run out of water can I have some of yours please?"
Me: "Yeah, sure" passing the bottle to Runner 1

Runner 1 then unscrewed the top, took a long gulp from the remains of my water and then said........

Wait for it....

Then said, as they passed the bottle back to me "Thanks, I was gasping as I have had a dicky tummy * all day!"


* British for upset stomach/diarrhea


  1. Haha! I have no comment to add to that...

  2. My mother in law used to do voluntary work for an old guy who used to give her a bag of Brazil nuts after very visit. She eventually said maybe they cost too much to be giving away & he replied "Once I've sucked the chocolate off them they aren’t much use to me love, they get stuck in my teeth!"