Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Training and injury update

The training continues and I am really please with my June recovery programme of a weeks rest and then a gentle increase in weekly mileage which has proved beneficial although there have been a few problems along the way:

  1. Deep blisters took about 3 weeks to fully heel
  2. Nails on my little toes both came off within 1 day of the GUCR
  3. Nail on big toe detached itself but I chose to keep it in situ until last week when it started in cause a small ingrowth and become infected requiring it to be removed. Infection cleared up but was tender for a while
  4. Hip flexors became over tight causing my quads to tighten (issue stabilised)
  5. Achilles tendon a little sore
  6. Muscle in calf tender
 The items in green are all clear but the red items still outstanding but manageable


  1. Glad most of the issues are no more. Take it easy and you'll be 100% fit and ready soon.

  2. As wrote Johann, take it easy. Don't follow my bad example, I am old but I don't succeed in learning that lesson.

    1. Thanks Stefano and Johann, nothing too serious and I hope it stays that way for the moment. Funnily enough my achilles tendon feels better when I am barefoot!