Thursday, 1 August 2013

2,000 barefoot metres

Trudging home through the heat of the day I was suddenly aware of someone calling my name, it was Rob who lives down the road from me. He was half kitted out and asked whether I was running at the track and if I wanted a lift there. I was planning to do something a little longer but the heat was just too much so the track sounded a great alternative and with the added benefit of company.

Rob picked me up and we drove the few miles to the track where there was a surprising number of runners all there to do speed work... in 30 C heat! I did my usual and went for my standard set paced run which averaged at 8min/miles (5min/km) feeling strong and unpressured.

The other runners were doing some sort of torturous work out and were resting a lot and the running fast, I plodded on catching up with the chat as the passed. The I decided to take my Monkey Feet off and see what it would be like to run totally barefoot on the track (the last time I did it last year it was a bit uncomfortable) so I threw them to one side and ran a lap, then another and another until I did 2,000 felt glorious.

Legs and foot sinews feel fine but the skin is a little sore but great after a warm bath....have I told you? I love barefoot running.

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