Saturday, 24 August 2013

50 mile plans

My late night musings took me to start planning for my 50 mile run next week, I was releaved to receive an email from the organiser which (part of it) read:

The run is really just an informal gathering of like minded individuals looking for a long trail run. Most will have their own objectives for the day, a PB at a certain distance, a chance to run with friends, a chance to run an official marathon or ultra or just a social way to run a few miles. We don't use the word 'race' regards Ayot events, if you want to 'beat the competition' you've come to the wrong place :)

This was a great relief to read what with my recent lack of form further exacerbated by an aching ankle and painful plantar tendons in the right foot was worrying me such that I wanted to pull out. However this message made me feel happier as there was no pressure, it was about company with the option to run with people who are normally at the front and just to have fun with like-minded people.

Initial plans are to go up by train early next Saturday and get a lift from the station...more to follow.

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  1. Yes great relief to read but when you will be there .... the competitive spirit will be back and I am sure you will do a great "race".