Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another Greenwich Run

Today I awoke at a more sedate hour of 7.00am with the promise of meeting a few club mates up the road for 8.00am with the intention of running to London Bridge at an equally sedate pace. Today Eleanor was in charge of the route and I was pleased when I found us on untrodden back roads I have not been on finding us turn up in Greenwich Park. I chose to have a little rest here (read as a stomach upset) whilst the others took a quick loop of the park where I rejoined them for the descent to the Thames Path.

When we reached the Cutty Sark I called to the rest as to whether we could have a detour down into the famous Greenwich Tunnel which goes under the River Thames to the north bank. Descending the spiral staircase I was amazed how cold it was down there with the tunnel walls covered in condensation and we whipped up a pace to the other side to return finding the lift waiting for us, so taking the opportunity we reached the top to discover that in fact it was a warm day.

Today, even though my start was a little stuttered I completed the 16 mile run feeling strong, comfortable and I feel as though I am finally finding my fitness again and looking forward to my 50 mile run next weekend.

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