Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bonking on the Downs

In 2008 I underwent my first ultradistance run on the wonderful trails of Arundel in Southern England and it is on these trails I met Rob and was to do so at various events through the past few years.

Rob is a much faster and capable runner than I and so today I was a little intimidated that we were going on a 20 mile run together not helped with me suffering with a mild hangover which saw me down a bottle of sports drink and a coffee even before leaving the house. 

Getting the 8.17am train to Sevenoaks we arrived in good mood to run the Darent Valley Path to Eynsford and then cut off up to Crockenhill where at the 10 mile (16km) mark we ascended from the valley to cut back towards home turf. The heat was rising and I was feeling pretty good until just about 3 miles (5km) past the "selfy" picture above and it was then I just bonked...

I haven't bonked in a long time but boy did I feel rough, I even pulled out a carb gel lurking at the bottom of my race vest and happily took a handful of Jelly Bellys from Rob but it was taking a long time to work but just a mile or so ahead there was a burger van where I guzzled an ice cold coke and for the next 5 minutes grumbled and moaned until I got a second wind as the caffeine and sugar kicked in and I took the next few miles at a better pace even enjoying the looping and navigation through my local woods.

Rob, seeing it was about a mile to my house quite rightly scooted off to finish a lovely 20 mile (32km) run, full of banter, hilarity and most importantly camaraderie often found in long distance runners


  1. Hope you have recovered well. I do like your Facebook feedback of what not to do before a long run and I fully agree. I have also been caught out by not eating and having a bit too much cider the night before. Thankfully you got back in one piece and live to tell the tale of the 3D glasses man to others on the trail!

  2. Coke is a true wonder drink! Nothing works better for me than Coke. Rest well!