Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cameo of a runner

 I often mention in my posts "The woods" or "The river" which as My Dear Readers will know are local to where I live. I often joke that I am never further than 1 mile away from a sheep and use the woods as my escape, I know animal tracks, short cuts, long cuts, I know the best place to stand at sunset and I know of paths only few have trodden and I know there are many to discover.

I enjoyed Rob's blog from Tuesday's run where he obviously noticed a difference in me as we ducked into the woods at about the 18 mile mark, by bad bonk diminishing and I got in to the groove:

Jerry wasn't feeling so great so we stopped for food and also a hidden water tap to refuel and off again we went. We could have run all day but a mini-bonk by Jerry and it was the quick route home via a can of coke at the Homebase car park in somewhere that started with Cray. After much protestation we shuffled along until the caffeine kicked in and for me it was a nice opportunity to observe the cameo of a chap on his own running turf. Fleet of foot and happy as Larry, he scurried through the loose soft path of Petts Wood and Hawk Wood, along the train line and back to chez Smallwood. This nimble effort showed me that he did not need to scent mark his patch. He owned it. Great! It was good to see him running at his speed and not trying to blast it as I was around.
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  1. I like that "cameo". Indeed I love to run through the woods: beautiful scenery, the time (for me) is not important and many things to see, mainly the animals.