Sunday, 11 August 2013

Keep it simple - A Night Run Report

I awoke on Saturday morning with the expectation and preparation of a 52 mile run later that day and night...I was to be disappointed when I discovered Gemma, for whom I was pacing, had pulled out early (not unexpectedly) with her knee injury.

All day I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, jumping, bouncing, just full of energy such that I was even seen to finish the long over due wallpapering.

The Running RADAR was on full sweep.
Many of my readers will know that the Delightful Mrs S has a very impressive running RADAR which she uses to sniff out any running activity from her errant husband and after finding the big run was off put it to 100% power, 360 degree sweep...she was not to be disappointed but I am no fool so didn't even try to hide it, for I had to burn off some energy somehow

A Cunning Plan
The Delightful Mrs S knew I had planned to be out all evening anyway so why not plan an impromptu Night Run and lo and behold my call to assist  was answered by my barefoot running mentor, Duncan. He even had the perfect timing of ringing me just as I was snipping the last dog-ear of wallpaper and we agreed to meet at 7.45pm

The Delightful Mrs S was vaguely unimpressed (but secretly pleased) that I had managed to get a plan in to run and irritated that I had managed to involve cider as well.

The run
Duncan and I met up to discover neither of us had a preferred route but we soon found ourselves heading for Shoreham and the river Darent. Excellent that meant a run on well trod paths and the promise of a new pub to try, the Chequers in Farningham, described as:

Horseshoe shaped pub with high ceilings and a central bar. Many of the wood panels show hand painted scenes of Kent. 

The two of us on fire, the pace a little ballsy at about 8 min/mile pace which in the dimming light of the Summer evening was pretty good as we arrived at the Chequers , dripping with sweat to await a glass of mysteriously named ales called "Chinook" and "Harvey's Gold". Indeed a lovely traditional Kent pub and surprisingly busy but alas we had to move as we were getting stiff.

Add 10 percent
Tradition dictates that Night Runs always have an extra 10% miles and Duncan agreed that tradition was to be adhered to as we found ourselves ignoring the out and back. We knew these roads and ran them with gusto, the conversation deep and philosophical but soon jumping back on the original path having added a loop. Our original plan of 10 miles proved to be 11....perfect.

and then to the finish line for here a glass of well deserved San Miguel, for Duncan and I a wondefully cooled glass of Cider.

Running at its simplest

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  1. Awesome! Lovely run and I think night running is very special.