Sunday, 18 August 2013

Monkey Mending

A typical Saturday saw me dropping the girls to work, running errands and........ limping!

That is until I had an idea of putting my Monkey Feet on which is totally counterintuitive as you would think they would put pressure on the plantar ligaments in my injured foot.....but it worked.

This is a really interesting to have discovered, well not really discovered, more suspected over the years that some injuries are exacerbated by the shoes we purchase to "Support and Protect". Maybe it was because I damaged my foot whilst wearing a non-minimalist shoe and it, itself bruised me and the fact that I have changed my shoe to a non-supportive one has alleviated the pain...who knows?

Needless to say I shouldn't be running with this ankle problem but at least I can walk around without the tenderness and carry on icing and compressing it. Not happy as my 50 mile race at the end of the month does not look good as the weight piles on and my training miles falters yet again.

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