Thursday, 29 August 2013

No Monkey Feet Jezza?

Two weeks off and a drop in mileage due to a nagging foot injury caused by a horrendous pair of running shoes purporting to be minimalist that I am product testing, has seen my confidence sway somewhat.

It was my first day back at work on Tuesday after a two week break and the Delightful Mrs S identified immediately that my stress levels were high. My 50 mile run is at the weekend and so Mrs S allowed to take the easy route to the car. I hadn't been to the club for two weeks, the first week was because I had run a 20 miler with Rob that day and last week as I was away.

As I stood in the park the usual crowd appeared standing around chatting when I heard someone shout "No Monkey Feet Jezza?" and for sure I was not having plumped for my orange trail shoes which I am wearing on Saturday ot wanting any bumps or bruises since returning properly from injury.

As for the run, I was really pleased with it, I had chosen a slightly slower group that I am used to but just wanted to get the miles in at a comfortable pace finishing off.

One more run on Thursday and we will be ready for action on Saturday.

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