Thursday, 22 August 2013

Off the grid

Unbeknownst to my Dear Readers I have been away on a short break with the family to a small village in Devon, typically for us we did it all very last moment with little research but we know the area reasonably well such that we went for it in true Smallwood fashion.

Little did we know that the village we were staying in was in a mobile phone deadspot and there was no internet connection, in fact perfect. After my recent stressful time at work all I needed was to get back to basics. We had a village store, a small pub full of locals but easy access to beaches and activities associated with a family with teenagers.

By day two I was getting restless but had no maps of the local area I was not too sure how far any of the local paths went. I went to a neighbour who was sitting outside her back door and asked her where the local path led, here came the wonderful reply that can only come from British village life where there is no need for addresses, just positions or property identified by the occupants name, thus:

"Go down to Elsie's house opposite the pub and go down the alley along the brook, keep going until you get the big oak on the hill, past the tower on the left where there is a beautiful view, don't startle the deer , past the church and you then reach the water" run was just as she explained

The Brook

The Big Oak on the hill
The Tower on the Left

The Beautiful View

The Church

Waters reached
All in all a wonderful run, no GPS watch, no clock, no map just my Monkey Feet


  1. It looks like one of those epic runs. It's quite refreshing to run in unfamiliar surroundings too.

  2. What a lovely 'Sat Nav' you had, and no hassles from her saying turn right etc! Looked like it was a perfect run Jez :-)