Saturday, 14 September 2013

A run of many parts

...or what happens when 4 runners meet who are at different stages of training tomorrow.

The training announcement

Sunday - 20+ miler run 10-12 min/mile pace. If anyone wants a shorter one I am happy to do a loop. Any takers? I stress my long runs are very sedate but can be adventurous!
 I wasn't expecting a take up but was really pleased to find Liz, Emma and Robert were up for a run but there was a snag, we all want to do different distances and all of us coming from different directions:
Name Miles
Jerry 20
Robert 16
Liz 12
Emma 10
 The Plan
  1. I run 4 miles to meet Liz
  2. Together we run 1 mile to meet Emma and Robert (Robert will have run 3 miles)
  3. We all run a 10 mile out and back
  4. To return to the second meeting point where Liz and I go to her drop off
  5. I leave to do the last 4 miles on my own
 So my bag is packed and kit piled by the door for what promises to be a fun training run on Sunday

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