Sunday, 8 September 2013

A run with the Shadow

A long standing invitation was accepted yesterday when after what seems years, George (a.k.a The
Shadow) returned from the shadows to announce he was back in training for some mammoth runs in the coming months. The news was not a great surprise as I had spied a few listings with his name on it but nonetheless it was great to have company for a change.

George had chosen an old favourite when we first ran the Cray Riverway back in August 2009 and then in September 2011. Both of us feeling a bit nervous for various reasons, mine mainly because of my recent wobbles at the distance and for George I believe just confidence as he had been off the long runs for a good while. It proved neither of us needed to worry for we both have the experience and the miles in our legs to keep it up.

It was a 6.30am start and George practically exploded through his front door to jump into my car and it was just 10 minutes later we started running in the misty rain towards our old friend, the River Thames. Although we speak often we had loads to says, mainly me at first, grumbling about my dip last week and some of my work pressures but it soon normalised to the important subject of upcoming races, training and news of club friends.

I always call the Cray Marshes as "The arse wipe of Kent" but on Saturday, the sun was out, a sharp breeze off the river and early autumn berries hung from the many bushes along the way. The run was almost therapy, a real chance to relax and escape for a few hours.

How did the run go?
As for training I made a real effort to pull off the pace, keeping it steady and just push the pace such that we were not breathing hard. The amazing thing was we ran the 20 miles quicker by pulling off the pace and keeping it steady than our old way of running, then walking. Just when we thought we knew something we prove it another way. Great run with the promise of more in the coming weeks.

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