Wednesday, 25 September 2013


When the miles ramp up the very small issue of clean running kit surfaces, yes, I have loads of kit but some of it needs to be chucked out due to fair wear and tear or is sitting in a black bin liner under the stairs.

Tonight I was in a similar position and on a whim saw that I had a pair of compression socks that I had product tested and provided opinions on but tonight I chose to wear them on the facile note that they matched my red running top and black shorts!

Anyone that has ever worn compression socks will note immediately that they look as though they have been wrongly packed and were destined for a small tribe of Umpa Lumpa! The website that sells this particular brand of compressions socks boasts:

Merino Wool + Activated Carbon compression sock that regulates your temperature, keeping your feet cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold.
Graduated compression enhances the transport of blood back to the heart, clearing lactic acid and reducing muscle fatigue.

Well I tugged, I squeezed, I twisted and tugged again to get these pesky things on, then a glimmering of vanity peered through and I was then seen looking in the mirror to see that they were I re-untwisted...perfect but what a faff.

The temperature outdoors was about 15C but I noticed my legs were strangely hot and felt a weird sensation that they were "encased". Jury is still out about the other claims of lactic acid and enhancing blood transport but isn't that the case these days, we take too much on trust. I may well use these again in the colder months but with sock liners to prevent blistering


  1. Just now I am wearing the compression socks and I feel better.