Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Monkey on Fire

Tonight the Monkey Feet and I were in a mischievous mood, full of spirit and laughs.

I have clocked up a few miles over the past 2 days (25 miles) so didn't want to push for a normal 12 this evening so went for a shorter run with the club.

The group I was with is a little slower than I want normally but I was happy to plod along to loosen my quads and in doing so the child in me saw the opportunity to jump through the puddles much to the annoyance fun of the other pack members, scoot from the front to back and zoom to the front again, I was actually enjoying my run.

The last mile came too quickly as we ascended the hill to the club house, the pack leader called for us to free run and the pack opened up. I know the hill too well, it is long, you pace yourself and attack it in the last 400 yards so I hung back watching the front runners weaken at last for me to push off. I was amazed how the old Monkey Feet coped as I pushed through the pack and took to the front much to the calls of the front runners "Effortless Jerry" they shouted as my feet scorched the damp pavements.

At last I have started to notice the introduction of my much needed long runs is actually beginning to reap dividends. Monkey Feet are still definitely part of my training programme.


  1. Sounds like a great run with lots of fun. We need that fun and it definitely drives motivation. Well done Jerry!

  2. you will have to come and annoy........have fun with the group 1'ers Jez, I miss your chatting and jovial joshing :-)

  3. To run with the group is the best way to improve the speed and to enjoy the workouts. Well done!