Sunday, 29 September 2013

What a great run and that's no bull

The plan today was to get out early and run about 16 miles (26 km) South along the Vanguard Way. 

The Vanguard Way is a long distance walk of around 66 miles from East Croydon in outer London to Newhaven on the south coast of England. It passes through the counties of Surrey, Kent and East Sussex, between Croydon and Newhaven, East Sussex.

In the past I have run a very large section of this path when running the London to Brighton race in 2009 but today we chose to run an out and back from Titsey Estate to Edenbridge. So early doors found us limbering up and then taking the sharp descent off the escarpment, my Monkey Feet having a rare turn on the Downs. Liz makes it no secret that she is not a lover of Bulls after a scary story involving her mum, a bull and a barbed wire fence but it was to both of our Dismay when we saw a sign on a stile that read (See above picture):


....and just over the fence a very large cow but were relieved when we saw it had udders!

The weather was cool today, the ground soft but the surface varied from mud, ploughed field, stony road and tarmac with 3 very distinct hills along an undulating course. Autumn is setting in now made more apparent by the abundant crops of berries, damsons, apples and acorns, the recent dampness exposing toadstools on the trees and rotting ground.

A lovely relaxed run with Liz, one that found me wanting for more miles at the end but it was good to stop as this is a down week in miles ready for an increase next.   

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