Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Back to Basics

Even with an ice roller and some TLC today I knew that a 12 mile run was out of the window this evening as the tendons on the bottom of my right foot were still a little tender. So I had a cunning plan, still go to the club and run with the beginners group at  a very sedate pace and just get the blood pumping and loosen my calves off.

It seems strange to think that nearly 7 years ago I started with this group and then, the pace felt fast and the gentle hills, mountains such that I have the deepest respect for the people in it who it transpires were experienced runners who have run marathons in the past but life got in the way.

I chose to wear my Merrells again today as I needed the support of the sole but the need for a minimalist shoe as a heel actually hurt.

Good fun tonight, I ran with people I don't normally do and also went back to where it all started.

Thanks guys.


  1. Good idea and great way to make the best of your circumstances.

  2. Running with a group is always a good option.
    At the moment I prefer to run alone because I don't have any plan and I don't want to influence the other friends.
    Take care.