Saturday, 12 October 2013

Caesar's Camp Race 2013---GULP

This one has come right out of the blue but it had to happen!

Last Sunday my ultrarunning buddy, Gemma, posted a picture of a beautiful sunrise at the military training centre in Aldershot, the site of the much heralded and cherished Caesar's Camp Race. I innocently wrote on the picture:

"I would have joined you but I missed the boat, sad as it is the last one."

Gemma soon wrote back advising me that another runner had dropped out and he was soon to contact me, a quick conversation with him, myself and the organiser of the race.....and I was in!

The hardest part of the whole organisation was that of getting permission from the Delightful Mrs S, when I got the thumbs up I was seen to leave this message:

"Mrs S has released me of servitude that weekend, how should we organise the number?"

I have entered the 100 mile event and listed as such but I am being realistic so will most likely down change to the 50 mile option after one lap which is within the rules of the race. I want to get the target on this as it will be everyone's last chance to fight the demons on the course as this is the last event ever.

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  1. Entry into a 50 almost by accident at a week's notice... Sounds like fun. Possibly Type 2 fun.