Monday, 21 October 2013

Day of the Monkey

After a few of my recent marathons or 50km runs I have discovered that  I am fine to run a recovery run about 48 hours after even after some of the back to backs I have done I am fine but, BOY, are my quads sore today.

This primarily shows the toughness of the Caesar's Camp Endurance Runs and I only did 50km not the 80km option so who knows what the other competitors are feeling today, let alone the 160km bunch.

My quads are suffering from a bad case of DOMS which has seen me walking like a Chimpanzee all day, any lengthy stay in an office chair is met by laughing from my colleagues when I stumble off to do something....going down stairs, forget it.

Monkey Feet to the rescue

My trusty old Monkey Feet have proved their worth yet again when I discovered tonight that by putting them on changes my posture taking the strain off my quads allowing me to walk with almost a normal gait as I take the pressure off my calf muscles.

Very pleased to report that there are no stress points, blisters or issues with nails from the CCER run proving that my Injinji 2 Trail socks are worth the cost. 

Let's hope a short recovery run is in the making for Tuesday.

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  1. Here's to a good and speedy recovery. I wish I could write about feeling sore right now. All I'm battling with is a sore tummy!