Friday, 25 October 2013

Just Monkeying around

You know the feeling Dear Reader, the one when you really want to do something but you are not sure you really need to, just want to.

Tonight was one of those nights, a typical Thursday evening when I was tired but wanted to get out to the track for a few laps but knew that Caesar's Camp still had the after effects in my legs. I definitely didn't need a run but wanted one to try and stretch out the last of the strains.

Turning up at the track I went about a few laps warm up and chatted merrily with the early birds to return to be part of the session briefing. Something to do with  3 lots of 4 laps with lots recovery sessions. For a change I thought I would join in but after two laps decided to break away having realised that my pacing was absolutely shot with so many people preferring the  solace of a lone run....for a few laps!

That is, until I ditched the Monkey Feet to go barefoot and really enjoyed the freedom of running without any pressure of time. I went for 1600 metres on tarmac track but was only when I completed my run realised that the track was wet in places, had the gunk from the recent rains still all over it. The picture accompanying this blog will show my messy feet...tonight was for fun as I have another long run this Sunday to prepare for.

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  1. Good to keep it fun. That's what it is all about!