Friday, 11 October 2013

My Zola moment

Thursday night is Monkey Feet night and as is usual these days, track night.

My legs are feeling really good at the moment even after a heavy set of runs early on in the week, not perfect as my quads are slightly tight so my run at the track was to be gentle and fun such that at the end of my 16th lap I pulled off my Monkey Feet (and my Injinji liners) and ran the last 4 laps in bare feet. What made it even more lovely was that my running mate, Jenny, called for me to stop for a moment as she threw her socks and shoes aside and ran the last mile with me... Jenny is fast and a brilliant runner and I don't often get to run with her.

I loved it, my legs warmed up and ready, my feet gripping the track as I glided over its roughened Zola Budd moment.

Inspiration from my special running buddy, Bhundu...I ran with Paralympic ghosts

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