Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Schedules, stick to the schedule.

Tuesday is becoming a little cramped with family commitments these days but this one was a little bit more tighter than normal with the Delightful Mrs S out at a lecture, my two daughters with teenage "priority, stop the world we want to get off " stuff and, of course, me wanting a run at the a cost.

All I wanted tonight was a 10km at a reasonable pace, a bit of company from some runners and to get the family back in the nest. It appears, however, that the gods were against me with the call to groups delayed with a long-winded announcement that could have been done by email making muscles cool and bodies to twitch.

Starting 10 minutes late and with a new group leader who promised a 10km run I soon discovered he was not sure of the local roads when at about 8km he told us to go straight ahead instead of a customary left , some of us surprised by the call as it meant an extension but played along with it....within 400metres I knew he didn't and realised now that the route was going to be 3km longer so a few of us broke away, time was of an essence already 10 minutes behind schedule and now an extended run we had our run, they could follow.

Now I dug in, already with 50km from the past few days in my leg at this point I was pleased to see I was still shouldering the other 4 runners but accepted that they had youth and lesser miles in their legs but kept it real. Feeling the burn at the end I ran through to the car hearing the others venting their annoyance that it was now 9.25pm and we had (not that it was a hardship for those present) run 13km....

So what? I hear you ask Dear Runner but I had to deal with the 17 year old daughter waiting for a lift from me waiting on the side of the road in a town centre to deal with!

This was one of the Trials of a Long Distance Runners.

Anyway happy with 35 miles (56 km) in 3 days.

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  1. I understand completely! I have a 18 year old daughter and life schedules are run according to her schedule. Great mileage!