Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Iced roller and a bottle of cider, that was my exercise this evening!

Sunday's run along the Vanguard Way took its toll on my poor old foot when I ran through a woodland path and trod on a very large piece of flint protruding from some soft mud. I yelped like a kicked puppy  but when it happened again, this time on some sharp gravel I swore like a trooper such that I apologised later to poor old Liz who mentioned that I don't normally grumble so much when I stump myself.

Theories abound as to why I had so many stump injuries yesterday but the more reasonable one is that my Monkey Feet have done in excess of 650 miles of running and may not be suited or so protective to downland flint but needless to say I have spent this evening rolling my underfoot with an iced roller ( aka frozen 300ml bottle of water) and refraining from running.

Monkey Feet are off the long run schedule from now on deferring to my Merrells which have a thicker sole.

But my foot still hurts.

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  1. That can certainly be painful. I always feel my shoes are getting closer to retirement on the bottom of my feet first.