Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Running Man

It appears I have a new nickname in the local neighbourhood, Running Man!

Now you will have visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger clad in lycra suit about to embark on a dangerous game of cat and mouse with strange gladiators below ground. Break out of those visions to see a sweaty middle-aged man, in an old running top, union flag shorts and a pair of muddy Monkey Feet nipping to the local shop after a run for a few supplies and the odd bottle of cider after a training run in the evening.

The nickname first came about from a neighbour who shouted as I past "We call you the Running Man at the shop" and so the name has stuck, I enter the shop and a few of the ladies shout out "Running Man" but it has turned to a new twist....questions and advice about running! Last night one lady grumbled about her husband's knee and what he should do, the next night was it because he was a "heel striker" and should get some Monkey Feet like mine.

My favourite question lately "'Ere Running Man, is running really stupid and bad for your knees?" I laughed out loud as this is normally some silly comment I say to running wannabes...Running Man better be careful what he says in the future!

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