Saturday, 5 October 2013

When 111=184
Saturday morning saw me stumble down the stairs after an amazing 12 hour undisturbed sleep, that wonderful deep sleep full of dreams. As I entered the hall I saw an envelope on the doormat and picking it up found it was addressed to me but from the Tax Man! Full of dread I ripped it open to see what they wanted to take off me when to my joy I pulled out a cheque for £111, I was instantly ecstatic, at last I had got some money back off them.

The Delightful Mrs S instantly suspicious when I volunteered my services to go to the shops with her as I wanted to bank this beauty before the bastards could get it back from me....but there was an ulterior motive as I had a little plan that I have been thinking of for some time.

What was I up to?

   I have dreamt for a little while to have a go at running/walking the full length of the River Thames and the T184 is the ideal vehicle for me, billed as:

The T184 Endurance Race is a self supported non stop foot race covering the full length of the River Thames path.
Competitors are challenged with covering the entire 184 mile length of the route from the Thames Barrier in central London to the source of the River Thames at Thames Head in the Cotswolds.

 I will have 80 hours to finish this tough race with eat and sleep stops which is a totally different monster to any other race I have ever done apart from a 100 mile event when I was a teenager. This is a monster of a challenge...let the training begin as this time the tax man is paying for my journey.

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  1. That sounds like an incredible race! All the best with the training!