Monday, 7 October 2013

Who's the twit now?

A little achy from yesterday's 20 mile (32 km) run I chose a sedately paced run around the local woods and associated paths tonight. The first scent of autumn normally means the temperature dips and the weather dry such this Englishman relishes a minimalist run in shirt, short and Monkey Feet, my head torch wrapped around my fist as I take to the local trails at night.

I was in my element and feeling really relaxed as I stepped into the woods, my head torch battery losing depth from a failing battery but not enough to cause me concern. As I ran deeper into the woods the sounds and light of the town dissipated and I was alone enjoying the smells of the freshly fallen leaves, the smells of rotting fruit wafting away as I passed an old apple tree. Foxes darted away along hidden tracks and birds flapped away in the glare of my torch...I was away with the fairies until....

and then a distant.....


I jumped out of my proverbial Monkey Feet, my heart skipped a beat and I gasped. Now I am used  to a Tawny Owl calling at night but not about 3 metres away....I never saw it, never heard it fly away but wow, to add to the badger attacks I can now boast of an Owl "Near Miss".

Who said running is boring.

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