Sunday, 24 November 2013

A run right on so many levels.

Today was a day of running errands and multitasking to get things done so that I can have a clear conscience for next weekend. Lawns cleared of apples, lawns and drive swept of leaves,bottles to the recycling centre and the strange purchase of 9 energy efficient bulbs. The whole list looks as though it was like a well oiled machine but did in fact have a little pop into Duncan's to see if he wanted to go for a run.

My house is a very peaceful one but on entering his it was a region of frantic activity and laughter with the latest project of fish tank filling and his obvious exasperation that the fish were multiplying such there were 21 now residing in the family bath! Cups of coffee and maths questions thrown around by the kids I decamped with the promise that I would be back at 4.00pm in Monkey Feet with a head torch.

Returning to his house I realised that compared to Duncan I was slightly under dressed, I in a pair of shorts, a tech top and Monkey Feet, he in two tech tops, leggings and Monkey Feet, he asking if I was wearing gloves; I forget it is nearly December.

As is usual with our runs together we just run and go where we feel is right with a vague idea that we were going to the nature reserve and then make our way back. The pace was perfect, conversation flowed covering a multitude of subjects, mud squelching beneath our feet, the hills gliding away with every step. Sun set and we carried on regardless in the dimming light our head torches only switched on in the tree covered areas, the rest done by feel and interpretation.

We entered our local woods and took it at pace, the paths our friends of old but they were still treated with respect with dark, deep mud and hidden roots. We soon joined the road to get back towards our homes both waving goodbye, both elated with such an impromptu run. 

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  1. Wow, what a beautifully expressed post Jerry, you captured it perfectly