Saturday, 16 November 2013

Autumn Run

My drop in mileage is causing some frustration at the moment but I am officially cycling down towards the Winter 100 in 2 weeks so it has to be expected. I was really keen to run today and my running club friend, Karien, was keen to go for a 10-12 mile run somewhere. Picking her up at 7.30 am we zoomed off to a small village called Downe home of Charles Darwin the English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory, I made a point of parking near the cake shop in case we wanted to pop in after.

Today's run took us along many trails along the valley, the weather cool and the trees bedecked in their autumn colours, a fine mist covered the dew drenched grass, sun low on the horizon and the shadows long, it was a beautiful day for running.

I was in a dithering mood today and had forgotten my money, dry shoes and my bottle of water but my local knowledge allowed me to find some taps along the route one such stop was the church in Tatsfield which overlooks the North Downs and Surrey Hills.

Karien carried on our run chatting continually for the entire run and only once looked a little worried when I had a distant look in my eyes and looked in different directions, a tell tale sign I was thinking about the route, I promised her it was in the plan. Poor old Karien has been a victim of one of my "Ohhh how about going this way?" and adding 4 miles to a 7 mile run...we didn't!

The Cake Shop
What can I say....Lemon Curd Lemon Drizzle for me and a classic Victoria Sponge for Karien with a bucket full of coffee at the best tea rooms in the area, a perfect end to a perfect run.

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