Saturday, 16 November 2013

Greased Butt!!!

Injinji Performance liners
On my run this morning I tried a little experiment with my Merrell Ascend Glove shoes, double-skinning.

You may ask what double-skinning is and it is simply wearing two pairs of socks but not thick socks which would make shoes tight to fit but two pairs of liners. The trick I was taught was to wear a pair of Injinji Performance liners and then a pair of cheaper training shoe liners over the top, shoes fit fine over the two.

The benefits are that rubbing is dramatically reduced and the Injinji liners hold firm against the toe and foot, grit and trail mud is minimised. Such that I herald it a success and I was back to The UltraMarathonRunningStore to purchase some more in preparation for the end of the month.

Now to butts
So after looking through the website I came across BUTTSHIELD Chafing Prevention Wipes and SPORTSHIELD Chafing Prevention Towelettes which got dropped into the basket as I really want to see if I canstop this problem I have which can become very painful after 12 hours of running...we'll see when I test them out next week, the latter is to prevent my backpack rubbing which has been known to bleed sometimes!

...and back to socks, a nice pair of Injinji Trail 2 got purchased as well which you read my review here

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  1. I'm always on the lookout for better products for burning and aching runner's butt :) I sometimes get it bad on ultras and then sometimes nothing at all.