Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ice Feet

Tonight was track night but this time without my Monkey Feet as I was going to run there, do the training and if available a lift towards home. Due to the possibility of a 12 mile run on the cards I was not too happy to wear my VFF's as my calf has been a little sore of late.

So, wearing my Merrell's, I took a tempo run to the track, part road, part cross the park in the dark to arrive at the track to find a really good turn out. Mike, the Coach, had devised a really good work out with timed out and backs but I whimped out happy to trundle around at below threshold pace as I didn't want to exacerbate my calf strain.

I then had a really good idea; well it would have been a good idea if it was about 15C but at 2C not my greatest when I ripped off my Merrells and my two pairs of socks and carried on running barefoot. At 400 metres they were fine, 800 cold, 1200 it hurt and during the last lap, it was not hurting cold had turned to fire! I soon reverted to shoes deciding that next time on a cold day I should wear my Monkey Feet.


  1. My feet and especially my toes get very cold quickly. I have numb toes for hours after a cold run and that is with shoes.

  2. Jez!! did your brain cells freeze out there, running around in bare feet in Novemeber, in the dark, is not the wisest of decisions, monkey feet, not monkey brain next time :-)