Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Just remember to cut above the joint

...and other great internet advice!

Take tonight, I was very happy to knock out a very steady 5 or so miles no pressure just a recovery run, I had already run 3 miles prior to the club and had no pretence of going further or faster.

The pack leader promised a steady run taking in a few hills but I was surprised that the pack was very big, probably too big so I nudged to the front where I am comfortable and chose to run in the road along the gutter.....wrong idea.

After breaking from the pack to zoom up a steep hill I stopped at the top for the rest to catch up and laughed and joked that the reason I could get up it so quickly was because of my Monkey Feet and strong calf muscles. Now in the gutter I stumbled as my left foot and toes smacked into something hard and then a great big clang and a tinkle of metal, then the sound of me swearing. I carried on without a care but it was only until I got home and rested that I noticed that my big toe and  ring toe throbbing. As all social media savvy do, I wrote on Facebook:

Wondering when I take my Monkey Feet off there will be blood or not!

The first response was:

Just remember to cut above the joint.

Thank God for Facebook and my great (un)sympathetic ultrarunning friends :)

Toes actually OK but red and swollen but will be fine by Thursday's run

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