Thursday, 7 November 2013

No Bull but a grave run

Today, at special request, I returned to Shoreham with my running friends, Andrea and Kay who wanted to get out into the countryside. The problem was that I had to reduce it down from 14 miles to "about" 6 which with the path network was not easy such that we eventually did 8.5.....Oooops

The plan was to circumvent the Bull from Tuesday and then rejoin the route after cutting out the outer loop. This was a day when I memorised a section of map and took us on a detour under a bridge, a side road and then a section of path that got us back on track on the North Downs way, a lovely short cut that now opens up a major set of routes for the future, very pleasing.

Today's target (for me) was to find a tumulus (burial mound) that I have passed on numerous occasions but missed the chance to find it. After a major climb up I scooted off ahead and after looking through the trees and low shrubs I was hoping to find a beautiful mound or circle of rocks but in fact all it was, was a large mound with trees sprouting out of it, disappointing but at least I have found the pesky thing now.

Nice sedate run with some beautiful views, legs feeling great at the moment such there was a small plan to go to the track tonight but domestic bliss got in the way, maybe a run on Friday.

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