Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Bull at the top of the hill

On my run this morning I realised I am the only person I know who actually goes out with the intention of finding a Bull, most of my friends would run a mile if they saw one and indeed I nearly when I found it today!

As you will have seen from yesterday's blog I had planned a 14 mile run on the North Downs taking in a gently undulating valley floor to rise up at 9 miles and then a sharp descent to the start.

Almost to order the rain came down to add to the sodden ground, mud lapping over my shoes sucking my feet to the ground. I hadn't even run one mile when I met a herd of cows lying on the ground but scanning ahead I saw they were docile so rising up an embankment I stopped in my tracks  to be met by a HUGE bull who got to his feet and turned his full attention on me....backing away I moved to the lower ground and doing what all people do was to then to take a picture of the monster. This was in fact the bull at the bottom of the hill.

Tough going today what with the mud and ground water which was ankle deep in parts but the best part was when I went via a grit and sand works where the ground was churned and gloopy to find my lower legs covered in mud and within minutes clean as the puddles washed it off.

Great fun.

Foot note: Here is my running face when the going gets a little tough :-)


  1. Love this! Well done Jerry, glad you didn't get gored ;)

  2. After yesterday's post I think it's great that you actually got a photo of your bull encounter. Good going in tough conditions.

  3. Isn't that your normal face Jerry?