Sunday, 3 November 2013

Time out and time to prepare

This is a very rare week where I have done absolutely no running, zilch, zero, null, nothing and to be frank I have thoroughly enjoyed the break.

There has been no other reason than I have been both physically and mentally tired what with work, lecturing at College then a lovely unexpected visit by my daughter from University who had come up to London for a field trip.

Realising I had been very self-indulgent in previous weeks with Caesar's Camp and the Stort 30 I also felt it important to have some quality time with the ever Delightful (and patient) Mrs S so have spent some time in the garden getting it ready for the Winter months.

This brings me onto the Winter 100  nicely for there was a little planning and preparation for the upcoming event with a nice little purchase of a micro-fleece for the night-time section between 50 and 75miles when I will be traipsing over the Ridgeway at a lowered pace and exposed. My plans are to have a dry kit change at 50 miles, put on a dry shirt, the fleece and windproofs to keep my body heat up. I will, of course, play this by ear on the day of the race but I would better to be prepared especially after last years large number of drop outs with hypothermia 

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  1. We all need some good rest sometimes. A good idea to change into dry clothes I think. being cold on a 100 miler is no joke.