Friday, 29 November 2013

Winter 100 - Ground rush

Ground rush
(n) In skydiving, the optical illusion that the ground is abruptly rushing up to meet you, which occurs if you freefall past your usual altitude for opening the parachute.

...and there we have my feelings towards the Winter 100 mile race, the training has been going fine, I am overtly positive, mentally toughened, injury free but possibly a little distracted than I normally am before a race.

Over the past week or so I have started to dump pieces of extraneous running kit on a pile, the Delightful Mrs S grumbling and making comment as is usual prior to a big run about "The mess" and refusing to talk about it but then, as usual, starts to ask "How far?", "Do you need the car?", "When will you be back?" about 4 days ahead of the event.


The piles of clothes, kit and equipment was gathering to a point of critical mass, if I am honest there was partly in self denial in recent days but with the day off I rallied to the cause with the filtering and checking of kit to get the most important stuff together, the mandatory kit, which always stresses me out especially when I found I needed maps! So like a maniac I zoomed off to a local outdoor pursuits shop and by pure chance found them on the bottom shelf at the back corner of the display...even better was they were priced wrong and I got them for half price, result.


A much calmer day but still active with the final bits of kit freshly washed, folded and piled. I still try to get like for like kit together then place them into stuff sacks so that when later on in the race I can find stuff easily and prevent scattering it across the floor and lose it.

So now my two bags are packed I am now marking up my maps to be put in my race vest. Fish and Chip supper, plenty of fluids....time to race. See you on the other side Dear Readers.


  1. Exciting stuff Jerry :) Best of luck - hope you have a great race, will be following online x

  2. Well done fella. I bet even you could't have downed a cider in the 3 mins that you had to get over the finish line before getting the medal! Well done to LANKY BINMAN CLUB