Monday, 9 December 2013

An Itch I Cannot Scratch

The ankle injury is going OK at the moment and has been quite an intensive set of care over the past week. Whilst everywhere on the internet prescribes the age old remedy of R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) I wanted to show my diary of recovery and whilst still some way to go it just shows the steps I have had to take:

Sunday (1/12)
- Ice and elevation
- Hot bath
- Bandage from mid calf to toe

Monday - Tuesday  (2-3/12)
- Ice and elevation
- Compression bandage mid calf to toe

Wednesday (4/12)
- Compression socks
- Elevation when resting

Thursday - Sunday (5-8/12)
- Compression socks and day socks
- Soft soled shoes

As for today my ankle and shin show two distinct lumps but whilst the swelling is down in the surround areas I am being driven absolutely MAD with the continuous itching around the shin, foot and ankle. Whilst this is showing tissue repair I am going crazy but amazingly I have sprayed some Deep Freeze on the area and it has gone.....for the moment....BLISS

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  1. Very frustrating indeed! I hope the itching is over soon. All the best!