Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cats and tails

As ever, my runs with Duncan are always full of surprises especially when I first looked at his feet to see a pair of his trusty trail shoes but I in my Monkey Feet, it meant only one thing....MUD! Confirming the call Duncan and I set off on our run but I was beginning to suspect it was going to be a set piece but I had a cunning plan to branch off to do an out and back to an agreed distance be it that we are in a recovery stage in our respective running diaries.

This run was not about the distance but for the companionship and to chat about various things from water pumps to university degrees. For some reason I appear to have swallowed a Zen book of philosophy so at every turn I was spurting some read "wisdom"!

  • You learn a lot when you pick up a cat by its tail.
  • How do you eat an elephant? 
  • The grass is always greenest on the otherside but sometimes shielded by a hedgerow of self-doubt.
  So running up some horrendous hill we pushed ourselves over the top to descend but as we got to a side turn we decided to run down it for the only reason that we could. Jumping over a fallen tree we came to a clearing with a very distinct path inviting us to follow it but no.....Duncan's ever present trail eyes saw a gap in the trees in the middle distance and decided to run through it and to my amazement it opened up in a vast grassy field, gipsy horses running free, the sun breaking out of the clouds casting long shadows on the ground and wild undulating fields. I couldn't help but to run to the top of the nearest and highest hill and jump up on the benches atop, a Rocky Balboa moment if ever there was one.

Great run on so many levels but just ask yourself one thing...

"What do you learn when you pick a cat up by its tail?" 


  1. get a grip and get rid of those silly shoes before I throw them in my cart. You used to run so much better without them. 2014 should be a year of NO monkey feet

  2. I learned to cut its nails before picking a cat up by its tail!
    Many times I use a workout to talk with old friends about everything and to "give and receive pearls of wisdom".
    Happy new year!