Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Battered but Elated

Sorry for the delay in getting my Winter 100 race report together, it is work in progress so will be coming soon.

Some of you will know that I succeeded in completing the full 100 mile (160km) course within the time limit but the journey there (as always) was epic especially with a damaged ankle/foot after a stumble at 76 miles...but that is a spoiler for the main report. Hang in there Dear Reader the report will come but for now I will leave you with my Finisher's picture and my foot!

Tired but elated

Spot the ankle bone


  1. Fantastic Jerry, congratulations! That photo of you says a lot. Take care of that foot! I am proud to know runners like you.

  2. looking forward to it, as is my friend who I was boring with updates throughout your epic adventure!!!