Thursday, 26 December 2013

Gone to the Dogs

As I awaited on my driveway the local church clock struck 8.00am and as promised Rob came plodding up the road opposite his opening words "Have you got at Oyster Card, I thought we could run to Canary Wharf and get the train back?"So hopping back into the house I grabbed my Oyster Card (travel ticket), my cash card and we plodded off.

This was the second run since my Winter 100 at the beginning of the month and the first since a horrible throat infection so was unsure how it would go but after the first mile I was gasping and feeling rubbish but after I reset my breathing we were great and carried onto a route that Rob knows well that was almost a straight line from our road to Greenwich and to the Cutty Sark ship to go under the Thames River via the famous Greenwich Foot Tunnel to the north bank of Thames a route I had never taken before but enjoyed the morning sunshine that took us in the central banking area of London a total alien environment to me where we stopped off for coffee and the plan to return by light railway and train.

That was fine but we soon discovered that the trains were not working on Boxing Day so decided to run the bus route until a bus caught us up which it finally did and we dropped off about 2 miles from home which we happily jogged.

So, in all, a totally unusual run that saw an expected 10km run turn into a 20 km one but great fun.

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