Friday, 6 December 2013

Monkey Birthday

Tonight I realised it is my Monkey Feet's Birthday and thought it poignant to celebrate their entry to my tumultuous running life. Their first "outing" was not as you would expect on the muddy paths of my local woods but a drunken stumble across Charing Cross train station in London. 

Our first meeting 

I was asked to attend a staff meeting at my University to discuss some vague agenda which turned out to be just an excuse to have a chat and drink loads of wine. However, the meeting was slightly later than expected so I thought it a great excuse to go to the local (to the Uni) running shop where I first encountered my Monkey Feet and was terribly excited as I skipped down the road with them safely tucked up in their Vibram branded box.

 Arriving at the meeting I was pleased to discover that there were six bottles of wine and only 4 people drinking so the evening went faster with the infusion of cheap plonk. However, I was continually distracted by the Vibram box and ever so often the MF's were taken out and admired and then safely wrapped up. Meeting finished, the seasoned drinkers continued down the pub to discuss various subjects until the wallets became empty and I staggered off to the station where I found I had just missed the train and had to wait 30 minutes...the lure of the MF's was too much and I was soon seen ripping of my shoes and socks to try and get them on. I felt like a teenage boy with his first condom that had got inverted as I struggled to get them on muttering "Big toe, little tore, big toe, little toe" which is the novice barefoot runners mantra to get them on. Some time later I proudly staggered around with a big grin on my face...we were now true friends.

Happy Birthday Monkey Feet, let's hope we have another 695 miles (1119 km) together

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  1. Many happy returns, Jerry! Maybe you should have a Drunken Monkey cocktail to celebrate.